General Contracting

Beginning in 1999, Aquamatrix started as a general contractor and continues to support this vision today. With experience related to the cement industry, we can support any civil construction needs that are required throughout the industry and have the knowledge to perform in plants that are governed by MSHA. In addition, Aquamatrix’s personnel has the experience to complete both large and small construction projects.

General contracting services include:

  • Concrete Parking Lots and Roadways
  • Installation of Storm Sewers and Manholes
  • Drill Piers
  • Pier Caps
  • Pipe Bents
  • Pump Foundations
  • Engineered Metal Buildings
  • Hadite Block Buildings
  • Plant Office Buildings
  • Road Maintenance
  • Landfill Operation
  • Landfill Capping
  • Grade and Foundation Excavation
  • Silo Foundations
  • Plant Maintenance

Contact Aquamatrix

Aquamatrix, Inc.
Corporate Location:
P.O. Box 348
314 W.Milam St.
Wharton, TX 77488
O: 979-531-0206
F:  979-531-0208

Satellite Office:
900 Gifco Rd.
Midlothian, Tx 76065