Surface Mining

Aquamatrix has the experience, personnel and equipment to customize a fleet for any mining application. We are experienced in overburden removal and stripping with attention to product delineation. The ability to mine at numerous locations allows us to mix materials that would otherwise become waste, all the while creating a finished product that is within the clients specifications and criteria.

One of our special projects required Aquamatrix to produce limestone for the largest producer of cement in North and South America. The project location was adjacent to housing, prohibiting traditional blasting, thus requiring ripping of over 25 million tons of limestone. Aquamatrix was able to double the life of the mine and the client’s reserves by using material that was historically deemed unusable for its sulphur and alkyli content by mixing it with better quality limestone to produce a constant plant feed that met their feed requirements. This project also required the removal of 5 million tons of soil overburden and the capping and reclamation of a landfill.

Our Surface Mining Services Include:

  • Overburden Removal and Stripping
  • Rock Ripping and Excavation
  • Quarry Operation
  • Crusher Operation
  • Landfill Maintenance and Capping
  • Land Reclamation
  • Gammametrics Operations and Interpretation
  • Mine Road Construction and Maintenance
  • Dust Control

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